When to expect your order....

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When to expect your order....

When to expect your order…

Day Ordered- Sunday -Shipping Date -Wed/Thurs -Expected Delivery -Fri/Sat 


Day Ordered- Monday -Shipping Date -Thurs/Fri -Expected Delivery -Sat/Mon


Day Ordered- Tuesday -Shipping Date -Thurs/Fri-Expected Delivery -Sat/Mon


Day Ordered- Wednesday- Shipping Date -Fri/Mon -Expected Delivery -Mon/Wed


Day Ordered- Thursday- Shipping Date -Mon/Tues -Expected Delivery -Wed/Thurs


Day Ordered- Friday -Shipping Date -Wed/Thurs -Expected Delivery -Fri/Sat


Day Ordered- Saturday- Shipping Date -Wed/Thurs -Expected Delivery -Fri/Sat