Hair Care

• At Unique Hair N More, we are committed to ensuring that every customer is satisfied. Full satisfaction of our extensions can be achieved by the following hair care tips. First and foremost, always co- wash extension hair before installation in cool water. Use all organic shampoo and conditioners 

Wavy & Straight Hair Maintenance
• Shampoo and deep condition at least twice a month. NEVER shampoo your hair while installed in the sink! DO NOT massage or rub the hair against itself. Always rinse your virgin hair with lukewarm water. It is recommended to let your hair air-dry. For extra wave, hair can be set in rollers or rods.

• Use styling aids, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation (alcohol free products).

• Before going to bed, braid, wrap, pin curl or twist your hair. Always sleep with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf. (This will save time that would be spent untangling the hair the next morning) NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR!
• After waking up, undo braid. Dampen hair with a water bottle. (wavy hair only, scrunch up hair gently to reform curl.) When brushing hair ALWAYS start at the ends and work your way up to roots.

Never your virgin hair unprotected in pool/ocean water or any water that may have a chemical placed in it. Always wear a protective cap. If it damages your natural hair, if can damage your virgin hair as well.

Product Recommendations

Shampooing and Conditioning:
• Any care product that is Human Hair Keratin based is preferred for our extension hair. (i.e. Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy or Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioner, Moroccanoil Shampoo) Please keep in mind that each bundle is from a different donor and a product that you always use, may not work the same on your new Virgin Hair. We do NOT recommend Suave, VO5 and TREsemme, Dove or Pantene, as they all have sulfate in them that strips your hair of its natural oils.
• Conditioning the hair is vital to its maintenance. However, it is possible to over condition the hair. Some signs that the hair is over-conditioned are brittleness and tangling. If this does occur, your best resource is to use a deep-cleansing shampoo.
• If you use hair spray or other styling products, try to avoid those containing alcohol. (Alcohol can dry out your hair.) Styling products create build up on the hair. Build-up can make the hair dry and can cause tangling. If you must use heat, be sure you use a leave in conditioner first.

Miscellaneous Tips:

• Although your extension hair is real, it is not receiving nutrients from the scalp like your own hair. Heat is your hair extensions biggest enemy. The more you use on it, the shorter the life span of your hair. We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain silky if you use the blow dry, flat/curling iron, or wand regularly.
• When washing your hair, always wash it going in a downward motion. Use your fingers in a horizontal motion between wefts to clean your scalp. When rinsing, do the same to be sure that all the shampoo and conditioner residues are washed out.

**If you encounter any issues with your hair, we highly recommend using the product Avanti Silicon Mix Hidratante and Avanti Silicon Mix Hair Treatment, it will restore shine, health and the softness to dry, weak or damaged hair.**

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